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Fans of the hit series Warcraft have been waiting in anticipation for the new Warcraft movie, first announced in 2006. That hasn't stopped critics putting a dampener on peoples spirits. Some critics have ignored the review embargo and put out their reviews on to the world wide web. The consensus, not good! Currently, there are 5 reviews out on Rotten Tomatoes with 3 of them being negative leaving the film with a 40% score.  A few of the critics have said   The final product brings to mind those animated advertisements for iPhone app games.” – Variety   “Imagine Battlefield Earth...

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In the years of the Nintendo 64, we received Superman 64. It was quite possibly, one of the worst games ever made. Rivaling E.T and Big Rigs Racing for its number 1 spot. Recently it has been announced that the creators of the critically acclaimed Star Wars: Rogue Squadron had been working on a very promising title based around DC Universes Superman. However the game, Codenamed Blue Steel, will not see the light of day.   The game had promised to be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii but unfortunately, their publisher had closed down. Factor 5 struggled to find...

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